2009-09-13 16:14:51 by Klasmus


So freakin' easy

2008-04-17 17:28:00 by Klasmus

I never knew gabber would be so easy to make. Integrating it into my DnB tracks is not bad. On side projects it sounds nice. Thundershock was one of 'em. Layering vengeance distorts and kickster works great!


2008-03-07 17:49:28 by Klasmus

My friend suggested hardcore. I said alright. Ill be starting this new genre soon and upload a few.

New genre

2008-01-26 12:14:43 by Klasmus

Ok, so im working on a different genre than usual. In fact I dont know want genre i'v been making. So if you know what jungle is and u like it, then here are some of my new ssongs to try. If you dont like Jungle, then don't listen to my music, cuz u will vote badly cuz it isnt your favorite genre. >:[

Try 2

2008-01-16 17:30:55 by Klasmus

How about this one. I ran it smoother, see if u can tell.

Try 2

IM trying to make a sig.

2008-01-15 19:47:10 by Klasmus

Ya so im trying to make a cool sig. Heres a sample. I already set it if u haven't sen it yet, here it is. I wonder if this is good or not?

IM trying to make a sig.